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Don’t miss the moment!

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Every waking minute of our day and night, we are either planning ahead for the next minute or reminiscing from the last minute. We never seem to be in the present. We miss so much of life by not being present in the minute.

It is hard for some of us to enjoy the simplest everyday activities. We don’t experience the wetness of the water when taking a bath or shower. We don’t really taste the food we eat and seldom enjoy the touch of our scalp when combing or brushing our hair.

It is a wonderful experience to get out bed, look out a window and see God’s creation.

Focus on the sights and sounds that you encounter every minute. Think what life would be like if you could not see or hear, smell, taste or feel!

Focus and enjoy life’s experiences every minute, “No Replay, No Rewind”! You will never get that same experience ever again!

~Life Coach Lily