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Creating a Win-Win with Purpose-Driven Employees

Graph of purpose-driven performance
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Knowing one’s purpose creates deep satisfaction. Great leaders understand that purpose is a deep-rooted motivator. Helping others discover or develop a purpose contributes to great business outcomes. How to work in the most productive way after we learn the skills of our trade is too often left to chance. A great work ethic should not just be judged by how hard you work but also on how well you adapt and innovate.

Managers have a major role in creating an atmosphere that encourages habits that create a purpose-driven employee. Creating a culture that promotes purpose and values innovation lies primarily with owners and managers. A workplace in which employees feel empowered with a purpose can fend off bad habits that lowers productivity. A purpose-driven employee is a happy employee. So how do we know? Look at the evidence.

Promoting purpose helps employees find lasting motivation.

Purpose-oriented workers stay with organizations 20% longer, are 50% more likely to be in leadership positions, 47% more likely to promote other people’s work, and have high levels of fulfillment in their work by 64%. There are proven strategies that can help your team or organization create a more purpose-driven team. Contact Coach Lily and find out more.

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