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6 Strategies For Your Anti-Boredom Tool Kit

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July is national anti-boredom month! This is an opportunity to reflect and take action if boredom has had a negative impact on your performance. Merriam Webster defines boredom as “the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.” It’s a heaviness that makes you waver between wanting to run away or just crash. Boredom can be especially troublesome when you are in the middle of a project that you know will have a significant impact, if you can just get through the menial or less than glamorous tasks needed to bring it to fruition.

If you are a team leader, then boredom can be especially dangerous because your team takes their cues from you. But the good news is that it can disappear just as quickly as it appears if you anticipate it and develop intentional processes to turn it around. Theses intentional processes will become your anti-boredom tool kit. According to the experts at fastcompany.com, there are at least 6 tools that can help you conquer boredom at work.
1. Force Yourself to Be Curious
Expand your view of your project from another perspective. See a movie about the topic, read a magazine, conduct an informal interview of those who will benefit, etc.

2. Look Outside Your Own World
Choose an unrelated medium to discover a perspective on something entirely different. For example, if you are developing a new marketing plan for a business project, look into how others have developed marketing plans for a cultural exhibit or film project.

3. Make Yourself Laugh
No example needed… just find what tickles your funny bone and laugh! The release of endorphins will release any tension, energize you, and unleash your creativity. If you love to run, run or walk, dance, etc. until you can rekindle your enthusiasm.

4. Take A Hike
Physically, just step away. Work in new location. Maybe even surround yourself with different people. Different smells, textures, and lighting will get you into a new mindset.

5. Make The Familiar Strange
Try seeing a project from a different viewpoint. How would someone much different than you view it?  What type of theme music would best convey what you are trying to accomplish? Imagine a little jazz composition, some ripping hip-hop, a sip of smooth R & B, a tangy country western tune or maybe a melodious hymn.  How would film director Martin Scorsese storyboard it?  Although your project may be about meeting a need, consider how will it make people feel. If it was a theme park, what would be the main attractions and why? Think outside the box, the wilder the better. Try anything to that provides you with a new perspective.

6. Put Your Head Down and Move Forward

There’s a lot to be said about just doing it. There’s no better motivation than actually seeing your vision coming into reality to re-ignite your passion for your project.

The 6 tools listed in this blog are from the article at http://www.fastcompany.com/3053229/how-to-be-a-success-at-everything/6-ways-the-most-successful-people-conquer-boredom-at-work.