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Number 4 of 5 Great Things to Do to Have a Happier New Year!

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4. Out with the old, end with the new…

Empty your closets of clothes you don’t wear and donate them to charity or give them to others who may need them more.  You could choose to give to a cause that you believe in.  If you give before the New Year, you may be able to write the value off in your 2016 taxes.

Giving allows us to reflect on our values and our changing needs. It is an action that evokes gratitude and promotes positive actions in all aspects of our lives. Items we can release is a testament to our growth.

Business people and others who may want to be more efficient givers may want to check out, The Art of Giving: Where the Soul Meets a Business Plan by world-renowned philanthropists Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, which is “a comprehensive guide on how to be a canny, street-smart, effective philanthropist, regardless of your income level.”*

For items including appliances and cars check out the value guide at the Salvation Army by clicking here.  You can review Goodwill’s guidelines here. Or click here to go straight to the IRS site.


* Amazon review