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Number 2 of 5 Great Things to Do to Have a Happier New Year!

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2.  Plan a mental health booster

Do this for the first quarter to give you something to look forward to during the coldest, bleakest part of winter.  Take a day off to just rest or do an activity that gives you pleasure. It should be something that gives your mind, body, and spirit an opportunity to revive or reboot.

It’s important to choose emotionally and physically healthy activities, and not use this time to indulge in pity parties.

This will be different for every person, but it’s a good idea to mix it up and try different types of activities. Here’s a few examples to get you thinking about what would suit you.

  • Visit a museum
  • Participate in an open mic event
  • Spend time with a friend or family member
  • Host a movie party
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Or get that massage you’ve been promising yourself.

Even a day at home doing any activity that you love and don’t usually take time to do. A mental health booster should leave you feeling refreshed, more productive, and less stressed.