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Keeping the Light On

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Well, you have reached the top of your game, earned that corner office, and the bucks stop with you. So you’re done right? Nothing else to do except run the show?  Got some news for you, the way to stay fulfilled professionally and personally is to keep refining your leadership skills.  One of the best ways to do that is to get clear on your vision.

It seems elementary, but the truth is that many leaders have not developed a clear vision for themselves. Without a clear vision for your personal and professional goals, you may lose your sense of meaning, your motivation, and become discouraged.  You may lose the why of your success and that can be a problem.

So, have you determined the path for you long-term or even your short-term goals for your professional and personal lives?  If not, you risk becoming over-stressed and burned out. You may even find yourself phasing out of leadership roles and leaving the company that has given you the success you dreamed of, worked for, and finally reached.

A great remedy is to get a vision and put that vision into words. A vision statement captures your future. At its best, it will contain the language you need to refresh the ideal that you have set for yourself by keeping you focused as you move forward every day. It should be meaningful enough to be etched in your heart and mind. Repeated at least once a day, your personal vision statement will be a powerful tool to illuminate the path for your success. So keep your light on with a concise and carefully crafted personal vision statement.

Hint: As you acquire more life experiences and new skills, your vision statement should change in order for it to stay relevant.

As a leadership consultant, I can help you and your team with this process. Contact me for more details.