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Summer Sizzle or Summer Slump?

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Summer Sizzle or Summer Slump?

Summer is upon us! There is fun to had at the beach, grilling to be enjoyed out on the patio, long-awaited vacations to be taken anywhere but here, and visits to be made to everyone. It’s all exciting but don’t get carried away. Don’t fall into the summer slump. What is the summer slump? It’s a decline in productivity. It is wasted moments. Lowering your performance during the summer, lowers your opportunities for success for the rest of the year. So, beware the dreaded summer slump!

Taking a break from your usual grind is a good thing, but make it work for you long term.

Here are some ideas to make the most of your summer.

  • Create networking opportunities. For other professionals offer a unique lunch-and-learn that highlights your expertise.  Or host a summer-activity such as a team cook-out that focus on a discussion of your organization’s goals for the next quarter. People tend to be more creative when they are relaxed and you just might accomplish more over a burger and lemonade than across a boardroom table.
  • Connect with your community. People tend to do business with people they know. Take the time to talk to people about what is important to them and the everyday pleasures and challenges in life. Word to the wise, you may want to avoid controversial topics.
  • Sharpen your skills. Take a short-term class or go to a workshop that will make you more productive and expand your knowledge base.
  • Plan for the rest of the year. Catch up on your reading and learn more about upcoming trends. Strategize to make use of that information based on your particular business goals.
  • Strengthen your support system. During the summer months, time is often more flexible and the days seem longer. Use some of this “extra” time to reflect on ways you may have dropped the ball in maintaining your closest relationships and then purposely set out to recover and rebuild them.  If you don’t, what are you working for anyway? No man or woman is an island.

Yes, we all should stop and smell the roses of life but those roses will be far sweeter if we are still contributing to our overall success. Make a new tradition by changing your summer slump to a summer sizzle.

On August 7th, 8th, and 9th, Coach Lily will facilitate the workshop “Summer Sizzle for Teens,” geared to prepare teens and young adults looking for a summer reboot. This workshop is designed to help them to start and maintain a more successful school-year and a more successful life overall.

Summer Sizzle Teen Program Flyer