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Our Youth: Getting a Good Return On Your Investment

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Investing in young people is good for our communities.

Consider the downside of not investing in youth: high school drop outs, drug addicted teens, gang violence, teen pregnancies, and teen suicides. Many of these ills can be avoided or mitigated if adults take more proactive measures. Many of these young people are looking for their purpose and how to build a life worth living. Youth leadership training is not about creating the next  group of CEO’s to run major corporations although that could be a possible outcome. Rather, it’s about preparing teens and young adults to handle the issues in their present lives. It’s about teaching them how to make the best choices for a good life now and for the lives they want to build for the future. As our teens become more self-assured, competent, and focused, our communities are safer and more productive overall.

Investing in young people is good for business.  

Employee retention, superior teamwork, and customer satisfaction has been some of the many rewards to many businesses that have chosen to invest in the skills training and general education of young people. Connecting skills needed in the marketplace with the interests and passion of young people, inspires them into becoming powerful partners in leading beneficial change, job creation, and problem-solving that can have a positive effect on us all.

As we provide greater opportunities to more young people, they will have a greater potential to become powerful leaders to build a greater tomorrow for our communities, for our economies, and for the world at large.

Coach Lily utilizes John Maxwell’s YouthMAX program to facilitate workshops for teens and young adults that inform and inspire them through hands on activities, self-development plans, and much more. She tailors sessions, seminars, and workshops to fit the needs of her clients for the outcomes they desire. With over 27 years of experience working with youth, she knows how to deliver an experience that will make a difference in their lives. Give her a call today and ask how she can help your individual, or teen/young adult group meet their goals.