Stop Apologizing!

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Stop Apologizing!

Are you an over-thinker, a person who thrives on self-reflection in which you always come up short? Are you overly emotional? A workaholic? An introvert or a go-with-the-flow type of person? Are you loud, pushy, or an over-achiever?

Whatever you are, no matter how you or others may characterize yourself, stop apologizing for who you are!  We all carry different burdens, face stiff challenges, and recognize areas that may need a refinement, but it doesn’t matter —you need to stop apologizing for who you are.

As you move though life, you will change and shift.

You will go on different paths, again and again. This is as it should be, for certain types of change is necessary for our growth, but some changes can have a negative impact.  You may butt heads against some people. Personalities may clash, disagreements may occur. Inevitable, at some point in time, you may feel that you need to change for them, the others who can readily point out your faults and frailties. Just don’t do it! If you do, you will forever be changing for other people because you feel compelled or even forced to change to succeed.

However, life is too short for you to spend all your life jumping through hoops that will never make you happy or will more than likely fail to lead you to the success you desire. It’s hard to feel like a success and a fake at the same time. Don’t let the opinions of others decide how you feel about yourself.

Make changes out of love for yourself and who you feel you are called to be as a natural extension of who you are now.

It’s okay to change, try on a new way of being, view life from another perspective, or to distance yourself from your old paradigms.  But if these changes do not feed your soul, or otherwise make you feel whole, renewed, or fulfilled, then let them be.  Changes that don’t fit who you really are won’t last, and you will feel miserable the entire time that you are trying them out. Don’t make do, make the most out of your life.

We all make mistakes, so apologize, forgive, and let it go.

Changes fostered internally, are changes that will endure. A better plan would be to implement adjustments to your existing approach. There is an old maxim, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” so stop apologizing for who you are and just be.  Be strong, be a leader, be a follower, be silly, be odd, be nervous, be independent, be dependent, be bold, or be humble.  Be “okay” with who you are. Strive to be your best self… a leader who can yield to the floor to someone with a better idea, a follower who understands that their team can benefit from their perspective, etc.  The world needs to hear your unique views and your way of being in the world.  That’s the real meaning and value of true diversity. More importantly, we all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin. Be you and be proud.