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…Thanks for the memory of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse. and chuckles when the preacher said for better or for worse…
How lovely it was.

…. Thanks for the memory of faults that you forgave, of rainbows on a wave, and stockings in the basin when a fellow needs a shave
Thank you so much…Thanks for the memory.

“Thanks for the Memory” by Bob Hope is a tongue-in-cheek song of gratitude for things we once took for granted. It’s a humorous call to be intentionally grateful. But the humor may be lost for some who still sting from the pain of loss, humiliation, and dread. All of those are just feelings that we do not have to own. Feelings that do not have town us and rule our lives. Affirm your ability to create the life you want. Release mindsets that keep you bound to loves lost, dreams deferred, and empty promises.

As a life coach and leadership consultant, I help guide people who need a path to follow, accountability and tools to make the changes they have decided they want to make to achieve their goals. Loss and grief is a natural human condition that everyone must deal with at some time in your lives, but focus on what you do have and if you find that you cannot do it alone, be sure to get help from a mental health provider.

This song is a reminder to be grateful, to forgive others and to  forgive yourself. Realize that we are all less than perfect. Once you realize that, you will be less stressed and more content.

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