In Debt and In Trouble

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In Debt and In Trouble Financial management is not my area of expertise, but it is an area that affects clients’ ability to move forward with their personal and career goals. Without financial stability, much of an individual’s choices and decision-making is hindered. Worry and frustration over financial matters can take precedence over any other […]

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…Thanks for the memory of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse. and chuckles when the preacher said for better or for worse… How lovely it was. …. Thanks for the memory of faults that you forgave, of rainbows on a wave, and stockings in the basin when a fellow needs a shave Thank you so […]

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Stop Apologizing!

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Stop Apologizing! Are you an over-thinker, a person who thrives on self-reflection in which you always come up short? Are you overly emotional? A workaholic? An introvert or a go-with-the-flow type of person? Are you loud, pushy, or an over-achiever? Whatever you are, no matter how you or others may characterize yourself, stop apologizing for […]

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Our Youth: Getting a Good Return On Your Investment

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Investing in young people is good for our communities. Consider the downside of not investing in youth: high school drop outs, drug addicted teens, gang violence, teen pregnancies, and teen suicides. Many of these ills can be avoided or mitigated if adults take more proactive measures. Many of these young people are looking for their […]

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What’s the Matter with Kids Today?

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“In our day, young people were more industrious…more obedient… more yadda, yadda…” Parents and other elders love to spread rumors and bad reports about young people today. They paint a nostalgic picture of how in their day, they were all hard-working individuals who stayed out of trouble with their noses to the grindstone. It’s difficult […]

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Summer Sizzle Youth Leadership Conference Announcement

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YouthMAX Event: leadership skills for youth Lillie S. Williams (Coach Lily), a John Maxwell Team Member, Facilitating This is a $900 value for only $100! August 7th, 8th, 9th from 10 am to 12 noon each day will be a time to remember at the Woodmen Center for all participants in this interactive and transformative […]

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Resilience 101: To live or die, that is the question

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For long-term survival, you must become resilient. It is what will keep you productive and competitive. Loss and failure is almost inevitable in the long term for even what turns out to be one of the brightest stars in business of any kind. It’s how you handle these downturns that will write the end of […]

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