Coach Lily Quadrupled

Be a Copycat!

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Many people struggle to reach success because they refuse or are unable to see the obvious path. First, determine your goal and write it down. Reflect on these questions: Why did you choose this goal? How does it fit within the big picture of your life? What do you hope to accomplish, specifically? How will […]

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Family Dinner: More Than Forks and Knives

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Mackensie Griffin’s ‘No Place For Discontent’: A History Of The Family Dinner In America from NPR NEWS recalls the beginning of family dinners as a cornerstone of family life after the 18th century, in which they became “the thing” as dining tables and dining rooms began to accommodate a whole family at once. This shift […]

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Book John Maxwell

Living the Law

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On John C. Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Law # 12 The Law of Empowerment, Only Secured Leaders Give Power to Others. Law # 12 is the law that really helped me to become more comfortable with how I empower others around me now. Although I never thought of myself as being insecure, it […]

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Parents and children

The Role of Parents: Friend or Authority?

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My Reflection on H. Leo Boles’ article “The Need for Parental Authority” found here. “Parents are responsible for the life and oftentimes the destiny of their children.”~H. Leo Boyles When children become adults, most of them, when speaking of their childhood and adolescence, seem to report a common thread. The adults report they needed their […]

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