Resilience 101: To live or die, that is the question

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For long-term survival, you must become resilient. It is what will keep you productive and competitive. Loss and failure is almost inevitable in the long term for even what turns out to be one of the brightest stars in business of any kind. It’s how you handle these downturns that will write the end of […]

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How to Win

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Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. ~ Sir Isaac Newton We find ourselves in all kinds of situations in which we must assert what we know is the right course of action against the “better judgement” of others. These “others” are just as sure that their ideas are correct. […]

6 Strategies For Your Anti-Boredom Tool Kit

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July is national anti-boredom month! This is an opportunity to reflect and take action if boredom has had a negative impact on your performance. Merriam Webster defines boredom as “the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.” It’s a heaviness that makes you waver between wanting to run away or just crash. […]

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Creating a Win-Win with Purpose-Driven Employees

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Knowing one’s purpose creates deep satisfaction. Great leaders understand that purpose is a deep-rooted motivator. Helping others discover or develop a purpose contributes to great business outcomes. How to work in the most productive way after we learn the skills of our trade is too often left to chance. A great work ethic should not […]


Avoiding Workplace Drag: “Culture Trumps Strategy”

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Does your organization seem stagnant? Do you have a team with all the necessary skills but seem disenchanted and in need of a reboot? There is a way to get rid of the drag of invisible weight that is keeping your team from making the necessary decisions and commitment to reach new heights that a […]