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Helping Parents Raise Great Teens: Bridging the Gap

  • Self-Esteem Deflates Bullying
  • Failing Forward: Learning and Doing
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness: It’s Everybody’s Responsibility
  • Great Communication Builds Great Relationships

Tools for Teen Transformation: Perfecting Your Own DestinyBook: Front and Back Cover
Front & Back Covers
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This book is more than a self-help book for teens and young adults. It’s a game-changer! Its accessible and engaging interactive workbook design will challenge and empower them to make well-reasoned decisions leading to happier and more successful lives. The adults, (parents or guardians) in their lives, will love it too! After fully engaging in this material, parents, pastors, teachers, and even teen themselves have reported transformational thinking and behavioral changes.

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Share this message of hope wherever you go. Stop! Take a minute to reflect! Drop! Lay down the drugs, pills, firearm or any means of self- harm! And Live! Get help locally or call the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Change your mindset! You can save a life by sharing this Suicide Awareness message!