I have had the pleasure of working with Coach Lillie and found her to be very knowledgeable and passionate about helping teens live their best life. She is highly motivated and adds great value to the lives of others. Coach Lillie is an excellent coaching resource and has many helpful strategies to offer. —Jacqueline Howard

My daughter has gained so much confidence in herself after attending the conference. —Belinda Moore, Parent “Summer Sizzle Teen Leadership Conference.”

I want to make sure my youth group attends Coach Lily’s “Summer Sizzle Youth Leadership Conference” every year. —William Hudson, Jr Pastor, St. John FWB Church.

Coach Lily is in my opinion a great facilitator as a coach. —Janie Patterson, Workshop Participant.

After attending one conference with Coach Lily as Keynote, speaker, I made changes that have bettered my life.  —Barbara Sutton, Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Specialist.

The presenter was very exciting and energetic! — Alecia Allright, teacher, Mission Possible Leadership Conference, Durham Public Schools Extended Learning Community Education.

Mrs. Williams was one of the best principals at our school. She made sure everybody was “ready for learning.” Everybody had a lot of respect for her even though she had a tough leadership style. —Demetria Neal, student

Mrs. Williams helps people to find their purpose, pursue their passion, and meet their educational, professional and personal goals. —Deborah Grimes, Ed.D., Senior Vice President of Instruction and Student Services Lenoir Community College.

About Tools for Teen Transformation: Perfecting Your Own Destiny

This is more than an tool for empowerment for teens and young adults, it’s a catalyst for change!