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Designed to build cross-generational communication and interpersonal relationships, these tools assist in opening lines of communication, transforming family dynamics, and saving lives.

Tools for Teen Transformation: Perfecting Your Own Destiny

This more than a self-help book for teens and young adults. It’s a game-changer! Its accessible and engaging interactive workbook design will challenge and empower them to make well-reasoned decisions leading to happier and more successful lives. The adults, parents or guardians, in their lives, will love it too! After fully engaging in this material, parents, pastors, teachers, and even teen themselves have reported transformational thinking and behavioral changes. Although it is written primarily for young people, ages 13 through 21 years-of-age, Parent-Teen assignments, and related tools are integral resources designed to open communication, build trust, and gain understanding. This book is an excellent choice for teachers and youth leaders in faith-based and educational settings. This is a full notebook-sized instructional, interactive workbook was specifically designed to make it easier to read and write in!

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Stop, Drop, and Live! A Three-Step Suicide Prevention Program

This T-shirt is the original! It is based on Coach Lily’s signature program Three Step Prevention Program to promote awareness, instruct, and remind all us that Suicide Prevention is every body’s responsibility. During these uncertain times, we want to remind people to keep hope alive. People are experiencing anxiety, depression, and challenging uncertainties. Perfecting Destiny has developed a sound and strategic three-step visual suicide prevention model. This model encourages teens and young adults to STOP and reflect on their vision of a better life, DROP their intended method for ending their life and LIVE on by connecting with the suicide prevention hotline, a close friend or an intentional advocate. This standard response will encourage quicker and more confident responses. Be an ally and wear this shirt proudly to help fight for the lives of our young people. Help Coach Lily spread the word, so no lives are lost prematurely. Please remember Stop, Drop & Live.

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Helping Parents Raise Great Teens Bridging the Gap

Coach Lily developed these four courses especially for parents and their teens.

This program is designed to build positive relationships between parents and their teens as they work together on the bonding activities throughout the courses. Each course deals with the challenging issues al teens face today  (bullying, teen suicide, low self-esteem, etc.) and the strategies parents can use to help develop healthy and life-affirming thoughts and behaviors. This program promotes meaningful and healthy family engagement through course activities, implementation, and intentional dialogue between parents or guardians and teens! There are four separate and complete course modules that address experience real world issues to support teens and young adults take consistent action and experience the breakthroughs needed for a more fulfilled life. Purchase as a bundle or individually. Click the button below to review the courses and purchase.

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