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…Thanks for the memory of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse. and chuckles when the preacher said for better or for worse… How lovely it was. …. Thanks for the memory of faults that you forgave, of rainbows on a wave, and stockings in the basin when a fellow needs a shave Thank you so […]

Sticky note with "I'm not sorry!

Stop Apologizing!

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Stop Apologizing! Are you an over-thinker, a person who thrives on self-reflection in which you always come up short?   Are you overly emotional?  A workaholic? An introvert or a go-with-the-flow type of person? Are you loud, pushy, or an over-achiever? Whatever you are, no matter how you or others may characterize yourself, stop apologizing for […]

Graph of purpose-driven performance

Creating a Win-Win with Purpose-Driven Employees

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Knowing one’s purpose creates deep satisfaction. Great leaders understand that purpose is a deep-rooted motivator. Helping others discover or develop a purpose contributes to great business outcomes. How to work in the most productive way after we learn the skills of our trade is too often left to chance. A great work ethic should not […]